Scientific Committee

From resource to recycling efficiency (AILg)

Euregional innovation to secure Europe’s raw materials supply

Our Euregio has been a glowing heart of the industrial revolution. It would be a deep misunderstanding to believe that this industrial activity is deemed to disappear. But, a new era will open only and only if we are capable of thinking in terms of perfect symbiosis between a production process and its environment.
Industrial ecology, driven by well-targeted economic measures, invites us to take a new look at all the components of a production activity and in particular its generation of waste. Our future must be thought of in terms of industrial synergies capable of closing the loop and offering a new life to any material before considering, as an ultimate solution, to deliver it back to its natural environment under an acceptable form.

This one day workshop on solid waste recycling is organised with the aim to :
  • Raise awareness among all actors concerning the technological, economical and legislative innovations contributing to ecologic industrial solutions.
  • Create a forum for sharing experience among stakeholders of the recycling process: from research to production, from governance to policy making.
  • Bring the Euregional creativity in the spotlights.

Scientific Committee
Ir. Bernard Van der Heyden CRM - Centre de Recherches Métallurgiques
Ir. David Bastin GeMMe - Génie Minéral et Recyclage, Université de Liège
Prof. Ir. Stoyan Gaydardzhiev GeMMe - Génie Minéral et Recyclage, Université de Liège
Prof. Ir. Eric Pirard GeMMe - Géoressources Minérales, Université de Liège
Prof. Ir. Georges Heyen AILg - Président du Comité Scientifique
Ir. Victor Tusset AILg - Secrétaire du Comité Scientifique

Château de Colonster - Université de Liège - Allée des Erables 12 | 4000 Liège (BE)

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An event organised by AILg  - Liege University Engineering Alumni