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Towards a HVDC European supergrid. A German-Belgian link with the ALEGrO project (AIM)

In the context of the Year of Germany at the University of Liege, the AIM (Electrical Engineers Association of the Montefiore Institute) organizes a study day entitled : "Towards a HVDC European supergrid. A German-Belgian link with the ALEGrO project"

Scope :

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology has become the technology of choice for building new large electrical connections between countries and for connecting renewable sources of energy harvested in remote areas to the existing grid. Belgium is also embracing this technology, notably with the development of the ALEGRO (Aachen-Liege Electric GRid Overlay) interconnection with Germany, which will have a capacity of around one GigaWatt. Since a full control of the flow is possible on HVDC links, they will greatly reshape the way electrical networks work and the future of energy supply, by constituting a backbone for the future European supergrid.

This study day is aimed at better understanding the different challenges and opportunities raised by this technology through a series of talks given by industrials and academics. These talks will cover diverse aspects such as new developments in HVDC technology, operation of HVDC grids and energy policy.

After this first part, a debate on "Innovation and Energy issues" will be organized, followed by a concert and a walking dinner sponsored by Amprion, Siemens, Elia and LIEGE CREATIVE.

Detailed Program & Speakers

Venue : This study day will be held at the Academic hall of the University of Liege (Place du XX Août 7 | B - 4000 Liège).


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