Philips innovation services

An audience with Philips (SPoW)

SPoW, the Science Parks of Wallonia network, invites you to an interactive discussion about how to benefit from Open Innovation collaboration with Philips.

Scope of the workshop
Technical expertise – License – Open Innovation
Access to Market – Confidentiality and Ownership of Inventions

Many high-tech companies and small and medium enterprises (SME’s) view large multi-national corporations (MNC’s) like Philips mainly as a potential customer, a source of funding or a high profile partner for a government funded project. There are however more ways to interact and collaborate. For instance, you could benefit by involving the technical expertise of Philips in your innovation projects or you could license your inventions and technologies to Philips. Increasingly Open Innovation is seen as a new way of collaboration. For this to work, all parties have to be comfortable that they will benefit from the relationships built.

This interactive session with Philips is a chance to discuss issues and opportunities in innovation, helping SMEs to understand what big corporations have to offer them in order to respond to their technological concerns. In this informal and informative session there will be ample time for discussion and debate. Typical questions may be: Can a MNC help me get to market? What about confidentiality and ownership of inventions during collaboration? Can I afford it? What is the cost? Will a MNC be able to meet my tight deadlines? You will also have the possibility to meet Philips experts on a face-to-face level after the presentation.

This is not a sales forum but a place to discuss issues and opportunities. The interactive session will introduce you to people who have years of experience within Philips to work with high-tech SMEs and who would like to share this with you.

Official invitation

Venue : Espace Eurêka | LIEGE science park, avenue Pré-Aily, 4 | B - 4031 Liège

Contact person : Marie-Eve Noiset | 04 349 85 48

Registration is free and mandatory.  Limited number of participants !  Register now !